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DCA Strategy: Key to Market Control

Empower your trading journey with our advanced strategy. Check its transparent backtesting results on TradingView. Join us for a verified and successful trading experience.

Introduction to TrailAlgo

Elevate Your Trading with TrailAlgo

Effortlessly trade across diverse markets with our unique solution. Integrated risk management ensures peace of mind. Unlock consistent profits through intelligent DCA trading with our proprietary methodology. TrailAlgo's standout edge is affirmed by consistent backtesting results.

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Introduction to TrailAlgo

Discover TrailAlgo: Your Effortless Trading Solution

Discover a Streamlined Path to Trading with TralAlgo's Straightforward approach.

Step 1

Simply complete your payment, provide your TradingView ID, and unlock the power of TrailAlgo. With our advanced tool and consistent, dollar-cost averaging strategy, you'll have everything you need to elevate your trading experience.

Make more informed decisions effortlessly and join a community of Investors who are committed to success."

Step 2

Refine your trading strategy using TradingView's exclusive Invite-Only Script section. Check its consistent backtesting results and tailor settings in the strategy tester to match your trading preferences.

Validate profitability through backtesting, and customize settings using the strategy tester for frequency adjustments.

Step 3

You're ready to go with the ultimate chart analysis tool on TradingView. Trade manually or automate on your chosen brokers.Analyze stocks, forex, and crypto with all timeframes and charts available on TradingView.

Suggestably, 15 seconds to 2 hours chart can be the minimum and maximum for optimal settings."

Highlight key features of the product or service

Discover a streamlined path to Investment with TrailAlgo's straightforward approach.

Elite Plan Only

Always-In-Trade Option

Maintain consistent market engagement, ensuring no missed opportunity.

Preference to Buy Side

Prioritizes buy side trades, though both buy and sell trades are feasible.

Trade Skipping Mechanism

Strategically pass on certain trades, safeguarding investments during extreme market fluctuations.

Accurate Quantity Calculation

Precision-driven calculations determine trade quantity, optimizing investments.

Multiplier Factor

Empowers trades by enhancing the quantity based on specific market conditions.

Stretch Without Skipping

An innovative feature that adapts to market volatility without bypassing potential trades.

Level Algorithms

Proprietary algorithms predicting significant market levels, maximizing safety and profitability.

Customizable Percentage Levels

Offers users the flexibility to set percentage levels, providing an alternative to algorithmic predictions.

Versatile Timeframe Compatibility

Catering to various trading styles, the strategy works seamlessly from 15 seconds up-to 2-hours time-frame, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Day Trading Dynamics

For traders keen on quick, multiple trades, timeframes from 1 second to 30 seconds are ideal for day trading activities.

Swing Trading & Long-Term Focus

Time-frames exceeding 30 minutes are perfect for swing trading, while 1 minute to 15-minutes time-frame often see trades that last over a week.

Dynamic Take-Profit System

A sophisticated system with dedicated algorithms, adjusting take-profit levels based on market volatility for optimized returns.

Why TrailAlgo?

The TrailAlgo Advantage: Unveiling Your Trading Power

Discover the exclusive TrailAlgo advantage- distinguishing your trading journey. Our adaptable approach excels in volatility- ensuring consistent strategy performance. Bid farewell to losses and conventional stop-loss tactics with our innovative no-stop-loss strategy. Embrace versatile trading styles - scalping- swing- or positional.

Boost profits with our unique DCA style- amplifying returns. Embrace stress-free investing guided by logic and strategy. This approach blends martingale and DCA strategies.

What sets TrailAlgo apart as a beloved choice?

Check out what our clients are saying.

I've been using TrailAlgo's strategy right out of the box, without changing any settings, and it's been unbelievably good. Even on TD's backtesting, the results are more than reliable. It's rare to find a tool that delivers such consistent performance.



"I'd give TrailAlgo 4 stars for its flexibility. It allows me to invest across various timeframes, from long-term to as short as 30 seconds. The automation and risk management features are top-notch, enabling me to invest wisely and safely."



"I've been using TrailAlgo for a while now, and I'd give it a solid 3 stars. It has definitely helped me become profitable in my trades. The key is patience – sometimes you just have to wait a bit for the trade to close. But overall, it's a reliable tool to use on a daily basis, this style of trading is actually profitable



"I think TrailAlgo's strategy is amazing. Initially, I was apprehensive about trading, but after a while, I noticed a significant growth in my investments. Some took a bit longer to increase, but overall, the results are just unbelievable. It has truly transformed my trading experience."



"I've used TrailAlgo's strategy, and I've found that it eliminates the 'ifs' in trading. Generally, everyone averages their trades, but knowing where to average is key. TrailAlgo simplifies this process, making trading straightforward and effective."



i have started trading recently and when i heard of TrailAlgo i tried to understand how they work once i subscribed my perspective and how i look at charts completely changed i think this is the perfect balance in trading strategies.



Transparent - Reliable - & Future - Focused

Transparency is at our core. We openly communicate strategy strengths and limitations. Live testing ensures reliability and adaptability to market changes.

Beyond a service- we're a community united by the vision of success.

Elevate Your Crypto Trading with Seamless 3Commas Integration

Simplify crypto trading on 3Commas by linking with TrailAlgo. Unlock enhanced trading experience through powerful automation. Exclusively for crypto.

Indicator You Can Trust

Verified Market Performance

TrailAlgo's indicator mountain's integrity- mirroring real market dynamics for dependable adaptability and competitive edge.

Precise Strategy Alerts

Timely and Accurate Notifications

Get precise strategy alerts via TrailAlgo for timely- confident trading decisions- capitalizing on market opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Insights Simplified

What markets are supported by TrailAlgo?

Our indicator/strategy functions on any market available on TradingView, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and commodities. It is compatible with all timeframes, such as 30 seconds, 15 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 1 day, etc. Unlike other platforms, we don't publish random indicators. We only sell what we use, and we have only one core strategy that is available to our customers.

How is TrailAlgo Different from other Indicators on the Market?

TrailAlgo is the culmination of two years of live testing and numerous modifications. We pride ourselves on our transparency and meticulous approach to both backtesting and live testing. As a company, we are dedicated to educating our users about this trading style, which is designed to tackle risk effectively. Our strategy ensures that we do not invest at the wrong time and that our decisions are aligned with the market trend

Which platforms can I access TrailAlgo for viewing charts?

We exclusively use TradingView for charting, as it is the leading platform worldwide. To use our strategy, the free version of TradingView is sufficient. However, if you're interested in accessing more features, upgrading to other versions of TradingView is also a viable option. As a company, we trust their systems and believe they provide the best experience for our users.

How is TrailAlgo Different from Traditional Styles of Trading?

TrailAlgo differs by providing clear analysis of market trends and specifying investment sizes and entry points. Unlike traditional trading that might risk all capital at once, TrailAlgo gradually adjusts investment according to market trends. This strategy turns potential market downturns into opportunities, contrasting with styles that might book losses.

How can we Check the Backtesting Results of TrailAlgo?

TradingView offers a backtester feature that allows users to test strategy scripts and assess their profitability over time. Once you subscribe to TrailAlgo and gain access to the strategy, you can use this feature to check the backtesting results and analyze the markets more effectively. Additionally, the strategy does not repaint, and you can verify its positions in the backtester, including the entry price and quantity.

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